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HEY THERE!  Thank you so much for your interest in my work, and for reaching out- it means the world to me! At this time, I am booked through the end of 2022.  I will be reopening my books OCTOBER 1st for 2023, and will be booking in 3 month cycles.  This is to help me have a little flexibility in my schedule for my family,  in case of illness, convention schedules, or general work-life balance.  Thank you so much for your understanding, and patience.  

  When my books do reopen, I will be looking to fill them with pieces that challenge me , speak to me, or my style of work.  PLEASE make sure to read through the F.A.Q to see what styles I am looking to work on and grow into in 2023! 


If you still have questions about  email me at

Simply click the envelope!

Thanks again for your interest and support.  You guys rock!


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